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Welcome to the Lizard Centre, a premier provider of positive behaviour support in Melbourne. Our team of skilled behaviour support practitioners in Melbourne are committed to driving positive change through customised behaviour support plans and their implementation.

The significance of positive behaviour support is immense – it plays a crucial role in enhancing societal participation and fostering a more joyful, autonomous lifestyle.

  • For children (ages 4–12), the prosocial behaviours linked to PBS correlate with a decrease in negative emotional symptoms.
  • Teens (ages 13–17) demonstrate a reduced risk of experiencing poor mental health.
  • PBS aims to assist individuals in attaining a high quality of life and is an established method for comprehending and modifying behaviour.

Positive Behaviour Support in Melbourne: Transforming Lives

At the Lizard Centre, we recognise the difficulties associated with handling challenging behaviours. Our positive behaviour support plans are individually crafted to meet the unique needs of each person, aiming to reduce the stress and emotional turmoil related to such behaviours. Our focus includes:

  • Diminishing aggressive actions, like hitting and biting, via positive behaviour support.
  • Tackling self-injurious behaviour with empathetic, proactive approaches.
  • Lessening property damage by instilling respect for personal items.
  • Decreasing the risks associated with wandering through our positive behaviour support Melbourne program.
  • Boosting social interaction and addressing social withdrawal.

Your Journey with Positive Behaviour Support in Melbourne

To engage in our positive behaviour support program, Melbourne families should prepare for five sessions in the initial month, consistent with NDIS benchmarks. Access to Improved Relationships (IR) funding through your NDIS plan is vital for the program’s support. If you lack IR funding but feel this service could benefit you, we invite you to contact us to discuss how Lizard can assist in securing the necessary support.

Our Approach to Behaviour Support in Melbourne

Our behaviour support initiatives are based on proven practices. We begin by developing fundamental skills:

  • Communication: A pivotal element of successful behaviour support.
  • Resilience: Indispensable for an effective positive behaviour support plan. .
  • Collaboration: An integral part of our behaviour support approach.
We then tailor the program to encompass life skills such as communication, self-care, and social interaction, ensuring a holistic positive behaviour support plan.

The Essence of Positive Behaviour Support

Positive behaviour support transcends mere behaviour management; it’s about improving life quality and guaranteeing that each person receives the necessary support. Our behaviour support practitioners in Melbourne are dedicated to:

  • Maintaining rights and dignity.
  • Keeping a person-centred approach to supports.
  • Applying strategies that are both impactful and considerate.
  • Modifying environments to better accommodate individual preferences.
  • Offering timely and suitable interventions that are collaboratively designed and endorsed by the support recipients.
  • The Benefits of Behaviour Support to Melbourne Families

    With our positive behaviour support, individuals can:

  • Relish an enhanced quality of life. .
  • Obtain tailored support to fulfill personal aspirations.
  • Forge robust, enduring relationships.
  • Enjoy autonomy and control in their daily lives.
  • Acquire new abilities and coping mechanisms.
  • Participate in their community securely and assertively.
  • Diminish or remove the necessity for restrictive interventions.
  • Our Behaviour Support Plans in Melbourne

    We provide two types of behaviour support plans:

    1. Interim Behaviour Support Plan: Gives precedence to immediate safety while a detailed plan is being formulated.
    2. Comprehensive Behaviour Support Plan: Derived from thorough evaluation, this plan employs proactive measures for sustained positive transformation..

    The Lizard Centre is poised to assist you at every phase of your positive behaviour support journey in Melbourne. For further details on locating a specialist behaviour support practitioner in Melbourne, please consult our Participant Fact Sheets.

    Embark on a journey towards positive change. Contact us to learn how our positive behaviour support Melbourne services can enhance your family’s well-being.

    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQS)

    PBS is an all-encompassing strategy for behaviour management that employs scientifically-backed methods to improve individuals’ quality of life by enhancing their social, communicative, and practical life skills.

    PBS is advantageous for people with behavioural difficulties, including those with developmental disorders, autism spectrum conditions, or emotional challenges. It is also valuable for anyone aiming to modify their behaviour and social interactions.

    Contrary to traditional techniques that typically rely on punitive actions, PBS prioritises positive reinforcement, skill development, and environmental modifications to cater to the individual’s requirements and objectives.

    A PBS plan is custom-made and might incorporate methods for promoting positive behaviours, imparting new competencies, adjusting surroundings to minimise provocations, and regular evaluations to confirm its efficacy.

    Indeed, PBS methods can be applied in diverse environments, such as the home, school, and community, to ensure a uniform and nurturing atmosphere for the individual.

    Families are instrumental in PBS, working in tandem with practitioners to establish objectives, engage in training, and apply strategies at home to maintain consistency and achieve success.

    PBS practitioners undergo training in behavioural analysis, strategy development for skill enhancement, and ethical practices to offer the most beneficial support while upholding the individual’s respect and rights.

    Progress is tracked through continuous evaluations, data gathering, consultations with the participant and key stakeholders, and periodic reassessments of the individual’s behavioural and skill progression to fine-tune the plan as necessary.

    By concentrating on skill acquisition and proactive measures, PBS empowers individuals to regulate their behaviours, make decisions, and engage more actively in their communities.

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