Connecting with an NDIS Early Childhood Partner

If you are concerned about your child’s development, you should speak to a professional early. Research shows that if the child does need assistance, the sooner they start, the more impactful the support can be.

Here are some steps:

  1. Contact your Medical Professional or an Early childhood Educator.
  2. Following your discussion contact your local Early childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) Partner (for children aged 0-7 years). Your ECEI Partner will assist you with
    a) Access request to NDIA.
    b) Guide you with required reports or evidence based on your child’s need.
    C) Assist you and work with you to understand your child’s need.

You don’t need a formal referral or diagnosis to access Early Intervention support

You can followConnecting with an early childhood partner | NDIS for more information

What are the next steps?

a) You will need to complete Access Request Form You can apply NDIS access request on your child’s behalf or Contact Early Childhood Partner by calling 1800 800 110, email [email protected].
b) Once access is granted, you are eligible for Planning Meeting. Please follow for more information on Planning Process – Creating your plan | NDIS
c) After the meeting you will receive a written NDIS Plan.
d) Start accessing services – NDIS acknowledges choice and control in using the plan for supports and services based on your needs.

How does Lizard Centre assist you in understanding your child’s needs?

Lizard have helped many families across Australia with Early behavioural intervention for Families with NDIS Funding with Autism. Lizard’s intervention is based on Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and Positive Behaviour Support this is an evidence-based, comprehensive intervention with proven positive outcomes for children living with autism.

  • Programs are tailored to your child’s individual needs to promote development, well-being, and community participation.
  • We have a team of professionals with experience in working with children with developmental delay and autism spectrum disorder (ASD). We will work with you to understand your child’s needs at each stage of their treatment.
  • We will conduct an initial developmental assessment to pinpoint your child’s strengths and challenges. These assessments allow us to learn more about your child’s development, and what they can do in everyday activities.
  • We will also observe your child in familiar places including your home and childcare. With this information, we will be able to tailor the treatment and support to their specific needs.

Using NDIS autism funding for my child at Lizard

For more information on how you can get the most out of your NDIS funding for your child, contact Lizard on 1300 752 617.

Published On : October 31, 2022

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