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Welcome to the Lizard Centre, a leading provider of positive behaviour support in Brisbane. Our team of experienced behaviour support practitioners in Brisbane are dedicated to fostering positive change through tailored behaviour support plans, and plan implementation.

The impact of positive behaviour support cannot be overstated – it plays a very meaningful role in supporting stronger participation in society and a happier, more independent lifestyle. Studies have shown:

  • During childhood (ages 4–12), prosocial behaviours associated with PBS are linked to an 11% reduction in poor emotional symptoms.
  • Adolescents (ages 13–17) engaging in volunteering, a component of PBS, show a 28% lower likelihood of poor mental health.
  • PBS is designed to help individuals achieve a good quality of life and is a proven way of understanding and changing behaviour.

Positive Behaviour Support in Brisbane: Transforming Lives

At the Lizard Centre, we understand the challenges that come with managing difficult behaviours. Our positive behaviour support plans are fully tailored to the needs of each individual, and designed to alleviate the stress and emotional distress associated with such behaviours. We focus on:

  • Reducing aggression, such as hitting and biting, through positive behaviour support.
  • Addressing self-harm with compassionate, proactive strategies.
  • Minimising property damage by teaching respect for belongings.
  • Reducing wandering risks with our positive behaviour support Brisbane program.
  • Enhancing social engagement and overcoming withdrawal.

Your Journey with Positive Behaviour Support in Brisbane

To participate in our positive behaviour support program, families in Brisbane should be ready for five sessions within the first month, in line with NDIS milestones. Access to Improved Relationships (IR) funding is essential for supporting the program. If you do not have IR funding but you believe this service may be right for you, please reach out for a discussion on how Lizard can work for you to obtain the support you need.

Our Approach to Behaviour Support in Brisbane

Our behaviour support programs are grounded in evidence-based practices. We start by instilling foundational skills:

  • Communication: The cornerstone of effective behaviour support..
  • Resilience: Essential for a successful positive behaviour support plan..
  • Collaboration: A key aspect of our behaviour support strategy..
We then personalise the program to include life skills like communication, self-care, and social skills, ensuring a comprehensive positive behaviours support plan.

The Essence of Positive Behaviour Support

Positive behaviour support is about more than just managing behaviours; it’s about enhancing life quality and ensuring that every individual receives the support they need. Our behaviour support practitioners in Brisbane are committed to:

  • Upholding rights and dignity.
  • Implementing strategies that are both effective and respectful.
  • Adapting environments to better suit individual needs.
  • Providing timely and appropriate interventions that are co-designed and validated by the individuals receiving the support.
  • The Benefits of Behaviour Support to Brisbane Families

    With our positive behaviour therapy, individuals can:

  • Enjoy an improved quality of life.
  • Receive customised support to achieve personal goals.
  • Build strong, lasting relationships.
  • Experience choice and control in their lives.
  • Learn new skills and coping strategies.
  • Engage with their community safely and confidently.
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for restrictive practices.
  • Our Behaviour Support Plans in Brisbane

    We offer two types of behaviour support plans:

    1. Interim Behaviour Support Plan: Prioritises immediate safety while a comprehensive plan is developed.
    2. Comprehensive Behaviour Support Plan: Based on in-depth assessment, this plan utilises proactive strategies for lasting positive change.

    The Lizard Centre is here to guide you through every step of your positive behaviour support journey in Brisbane. For more information on finding a specialist behaviour support practitioner in Brisbane, please refer to our Participant Fact Sheets.

    Embark on a path to positive change. Reach out to us to discover how our positive behaviour support Brisbane services can benefit your family.

    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQS)

    PBS is a comprehensive approach to behaviour management that utilises evidence-based techniques to enhance the quality of life for individuals by improving their social, communication, and life skills.

    PBS is beneficial for individuals with behavioural challenges, including those with developmental disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, or emotional disturbances. It’s also helpful for anyone seeking to change their behaviour and interactions with others.

    Unlike traditional methods that often focus on punitive measures, PBS emphasises positive reinforcement, skill-building, and environmental adjustments to support the individual’s needs and goals.

    A PBS plan is personalised and may include strategies for increasing positive behaviours, teaching new skills, altering environments to reduce triggers, and consistent monitoring to ensure effectiveness.

    Yes, PBS strategies can be implemented across various settings, including home, school, and community, to provide a consistent and supportive environment for the individual.

    Families play a crucial role in PBS by collaborating with practitioners to set goals, participate in training, and reinforce strategies at home to ensure continuity and success.

    PBS practitioners are trained in behaviour analysis, skill-building strategies, and ethical considerations to provide the most effective support while respecting the individual’s dignity and rights.

    Progress is measured through ongoing assessments, data collection, consultation with the participant and key stakeholders, and regular reviews of the individual’s behaviour and skill development to adjust the plan as needed.

    By focusing on skill-building and proactive strategies, PBS empowers individuals to manage their behaviours, make choices, and participate more fully in their communities.

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