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The Lizard Centre recognizes that in this time of uncertainty many questions have been asked regarding where, how, and if ABA services can and should be continued in centres and in the home for families currently receiving services. During a time such as this, it is important to remember to go to reputable sources for direction in whether and how services can and should be continued. One such resource is the Australian government

As practicing Behaviour Analysts, it is important that we also reference our professional code of ethics to ensure that we are providing the highest quality services possible in an ethical manner. Section 2.15 in the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board (BACB) Professional and Ethical Compliance Code indicates that certificants must work in the best interest of clients to avoid interrupting or disrupting services. Given these two resources, it is important to remember that Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is a science of learning, and is not solely isolated to Discrete Trial Teaching. It is a science that is to be applied in real-world settings and to be implemented by therapists, caretakers, teachers, and parents to ensure learned skill sets are generalized to the people and environments with and in which they are meant to be practiced. It is very possible that the decision may be made that it is not safe for people to be out and about in the streets, visiting businesses, entering into other people’s homes, or congregating in groups larger than two. In this case, services, as they are currently provided for many families, will have to pause, but ABA services can still continue. Providers such as the Lizard Centre have already been hard at work developing plans to provide telehealth services, they are developing maintenance and generalization programming, creating home-based program materials, and are ready to move to parent consultation via telehealth if need be to minimize disruptions and to minimize the loss of critical skills. As restrictions on movement and congregation increase over the coming days, weeks, and even months, make sure to speak directly with your services providers to find out how they can safely and effectively maintain your ABA program.

Feel free to reach out to Lizard for any questions you may have.

Published On : May 18, 2022

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